Bramma, the true Corporate Transformation Agent

Bramma has been operational in the field of Performance Development of Individuals and Organizations for the last one decade. Though we ventured into various sectors for providing performance solutions like Corporate Trainings, Developmental programs for kids and teens, Finishing School and Outbound Trainings, for the last three years our entire focus has been in Business Consulting for Small and Medium Enterprises. ‘Business Insights,’ the Business Consulting division of Bramma works with a mission to create 1000 successes in Small & Medium Scale Businesses and so far we are happy about the progress towards this mission.

Bramma Trainings, a division exclusively for Training & Development, is formed taking into account the following facts

  • In the Information Age, Human Capital is the most important Capital for an Organization
  • Growing Organizations continuously invest on enhancing the value of Human Capital
  • Employees of an Organization can heavily influence the Balance Sheet as they can be an asset or liability to the organization.
  • Changes, which used to happen in five years now happen in five days. Hence only Learning Organizations can survive

Our Back bone is Strong…

Our expertise in Business Consulting (Bramma Business Insights- BI) makes us stand apart from any other Corporate Training firms. Contents of our training programs are built on the scientific and hands on experiential knowledge our BI Consultants bring in. In fact our Resource Persons work in tandem with the BI Consultants while developing the contents of the programs. Also whenever we come across issues which are pertaining to Business Strategies and Operations of our clients, we go back to the BI board room and take their inputs while designing the programs.

We have created a Dedicated team of Professionals (we don’t want to name them as trainers) from various walks of life which include Entrepreneurs, Sales Professionals, Artists, Adventurists, Sportsmen etc, who are genuinely interested in bringing in Positive Transformations in people and Organizations. For them Training and Coaching is a PASSION rather than a Profession.


Our Mission

Bramma stands to create Positive and Progressive transformations in people and organizations through Developmental and Non-Developmental Interventions.


Our Vision

Bramma envisions an enriched society of individuals, equipped with the awareness of their unlimited self-potential that transcends the limitations of their mind, thus enabling them to lead an integrated life of multifaceted fulfillment. So also Bramma stands to create or transform organizations to boundary-less enterprises, which stand to create the best for customers, employees, stake holders and to the society at large.