Our Unique Training Methodology

While we do have Title Programs and Ready made modules, when we work with an organization, we design the program based on the specific needs of the organization. We follow the following Methodology:

  • Discussions with Managers to Identify Key Concerns
  • Need Analysis
  • Need Assessment Report
  • Final Template
  • Implementation
  • Post Program Evaluation
  • Evaluation Report
  • Continuous On-line Evaluation (On demand)
  • Identifying Areas of Improvement
  • Our Organizational and Human Developmental Interventions include:

    Onsite and Offsite Training Programs

    • Life Leadership & Time Management
    • Sales Excellence
    • Organizational Excellence
    • Personal Excellence and Leadership
    • Effective Selling and Customer Care
    • Team Building & Team Dynamics
    • Conflict Management
    • Change Management
    • Creation of Vision & Mission
    • Goal setting and Shared vision.
    • Neuro Linguistic Program (NLP) for Personal Effectiveness
    • NLP for Sales Effectiveness
    • Experiential Learning through Outbound Training (OBT)(link to OBT page) Experiential learning is found to be the most effective learning process. Here the participants learn various attributes for success through experiences. The workshop is done in the Outdoors. In OBTs learning is combined with Leisure and Adventure.

      Bramma has one of the largest Outbound Campuses in India; Naturezone Campus. This is the only one natural setting where learning takes place in harmony with nature.

      Topics covered:

      • Team Building & Team Dynamics
      • Leadership Empowerment
      • Conflict Management and Team harmony
      • Confidence Building & Breaking Mental Barriers
      • Effective Communication

      Thought Process Re-engineering (TPR)

      A unique human transformation program developed after years of research. Founded by internationally renowned Motivational trainer, Life Coach, successful entrepreneur and best selling author Mr Sajeev Nair.

      A Process for Manifesting Your Dreams by breaking the barriers between the Materialistic World and Spiritual World.

      Objectives of the program are:

      • To understand the scientific principles behind getting what you want from life or how to get the dreams fulfilled
      • To shatter limiting belief systems and build new belief systems that are aligned with your purpose in life
      • To know the science behind the brain and the process of creation of thoughts and feelings
      • To understand how thoughts and feelings create physiological and neuro-chemical changes
      • To redefine the concept of God and the belief in God
      • To understand the concept of luck and coincidences
      • To understand the process of creation and how to be a part of it
      • To know the power of prayers and how to make the prayers powerful
      • To understand the science behind manifestation
      • To learn how imagination works on one’s brain and nervous system; and
      • To bridge the gap between spiritual fulfillment and material achievements.