Thought Process Re- engineering

A Process for Manifesting Your Dreams by breaking the barriers between the Materialistic World and Spiritual World.

If you are stuck with one or more of the questions given below, you have reached the perfect place to find answers

  • Why am I not achieving success even after having the commitment, dedication, and determination in my work and doing all the hard work? Is it that success is not for everyone?
  • What is stopping me to grow in my life even after attending many Motivational Training Programs and after following many Self-Help Books? Are these all fad?
  • Why I find it tough to achieve my Goals even after attending many Goal Setting Sessions and writing down my Goals?
  • Why am I not able to control the Negative Thoughts and change my negative habits?
  • Hasn’t Luck played a major role in the lives of Successful People?
  • Isn’t Success a result of Coincidences and favorable Circumstances?
  • TPR has taken a very scientific and systematic approach for giving you answers to all your questions. Through this program you will gain some phenomenal wisdom to create meaningful coincidences in life and hence to reach your destination leveraging on the power of your brain and unlimited supply from universe. Age old spiritual principles are combined with proven scientific theories to create permanent changes in your neural pathways. Read More…. What Can I gain from TPR???

    • To realise the true worth of your life
    • To understand the scientific principles behind getting what you want from life or how to get the dreams fulfilled
    • To shatter limiting belief systems and build new belief systems that are aligned with your purpose in life
    • To know the science behind the brain and the process of creation of thoughts and feelings
    • To understand how thoughts and feelings create physiological and neuro-chemical changes
    • To redefine the concept of God and the belief in God
    • To understand the concept of luck and coincidences
    • To understand the process of creation and how to be a part of it
    • To know the power of prayers and how to make the prayers powerful
    • To understand the science behind manifestation
    • To learn how imagination works on one’s brain and nervous system; and
    • To bridge the gap between spiritual fulfillment and material achievements.